The Case For Weighing In

I know I am in trouble with my weight when I don’t get up every morning and weigh myself. Somehow, not standing on the scale does not negate the damage I might have done the day before. Vacation weight happens not because I don’t have a scale when I am traveling, but because I give myself permission to eat vacation food. The problem is that as soon as vacations end I should, no must, come home and get right back on that scale to access the damage.
I came to Jesus a few weeks ago and knew that I needed the discipline of standing on a scale in front of someone else. So I went back to my tried and true friend Weight Watchers. As a business that is in the business of helping people lose weight, they have changed the program since the last time I got my Ph’d in weight loss. The counting points is much easier since fruit and most vegetables are zero points. The big thing they did not change is the weighing in. 
I know plenty of people who say they don’t want to go and stand on the scale in front of another person. They say, “I’ll just do the online program myself.” To those people I say, “It is much harder to stay on track if you’re only answer to your self.” If you are someone who needs to lose weight you already have proven you are not successful at only answering to yourself.
Tonight was my weigh in and what I love most about having to go is that I know I am going to do everything possible to make sure that the scale goes down. Short of cutting off a limb, I am going to eat the right things, drink my water and do my exercise come hell or high water. Then knowing how hard I had to work to get that weight off I have to start all over again the next day so that the weigh in the next week can be successful.
There is no magic. Just hard work. I am good at hard work. I just want to remember how hard it is so that when I get back to my goal weight I don’t take anymore vacations from the scales. I know how good the coconut cake may taste, but I need to remember how many weeks it takes to remove the damage it does.  

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