And The Birthdays Keep Coming

Today is my good friend Lynn’s birthday. When I mentioned to another friend that is seems like there are way more birthdays during these first two weeks in September than normal she reminded me that it meant they were “Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years” babies. Since my two sisters have September birthdays it was a fact I did not want to think to hard about.
Today while we were having a celebratory lunch for Lynn we discovered that not her friend at the table of six also has a birthday on Friday. Thirty-three percent of us were “holiday” babies. It got me wondering why the most popular birthday in America is and it turns out it is September 16. That makes the conception most likely Christmas Eve. I guess I know what some people got for Christmas.
I have a friend who is from a big family of five kids and every one of them has a September birthday exactly two years apart. Now that is precision. I wonder what her Dad got for Christmas on the off years?
I know that most people don’t think about the circumstances of their coming about. When I taught sex education in college I opened each mandatory one hour sex-Ed class with the same question, “What was the first thing you trout when you learns what sex was?” Almost universally the response was the same. “My parents don’t do that.” Apparently they did, and all on the holidays.
So happy birthday to all my Virgo friends. Especially Lynn since today is her special day, but it is also Dan Davis’ and Cathy Pischke Zerblein’s, and thousands of others too. So September 12 is not that special, but you all are! Just don’t think about how you got this birthday.

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