The 9/11 Argument For Love

Fifteen years ago life changed in America thanks to the hate a handful of men had for something. Exactly what they hated we many never know since they chose to take their own lives at the same time they stole the lives of almost 3,000 innocent people. It was the blackest day in my lifetime for our country.
We have gone on to fight many enemies, seems and unseen, since that time. We have probably created more people that hate us than hated us before 9/11 because of the way we fight wars. We have spent billions of dollars doing it. As a regular citizen I have no idea how many attacks have been thwarted by intelligence, but certainly it has been many. Yet we still have people, both organized and lone wolves who strike us in random places.
Americans are not alone in these attacks. People in France, the U.K., Belgium and many more also have suffered. We have tried fighting and I don’t think we are winning. What if we tried love?  
Jesus tells us to love our enemies. I don’t feel like many in the religious right are espousing this tactic. Why not? I am yet to find a teaching of Jesus’ that says fight and kill those you hate.  
On this day of remembrance for 9/11 my hope is that we can turn towards love. Hate hurts the hater more that the hated. Love is not a a military plan, but is a human one. What if we stopped fighting and spending money trying to kill people, but love them instead?
I know some of you will read this today and will make comments that are in opposition to me. I love you, even if we disagree. That is how this starts.

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