Triangle Seafood Company

Tonight Russ and I had a dinner out with another couple. Russ and the husband had been trying to find a time when we could go out together which was incredibly difficult given the travel schedules of the players involved.
With plenty of time to get a reservation almost anywhere Russ started looking for someplace new for us to go to. I’m not sure what the need is for new places since we have so many great tried and true restaurants, yet we still want to eat at a new place once in a while. We live in such a foodie city you would think that we should never go out and have a bad meal–Until tonight.
The Triangle Seafood Company is a rather large restaurant in Brightleaf square that is in the location where CD warehouse used to be. Russ thought that seafood would be a Weight Watchers friendly choice for me as well as good for our gluten free friend.  At first he asked me about going to Blu Seafood and I nixed that idea because the chairs are too uncomfortable. This was a dinner to catch up and talk, not just eat and run.
The reviews on this new place were fine, certainly improving over time. I am not sure who those writers were. The food was not good. I had a starter of seafood stew that was mostly sweet potato and a half a shrimp in a tasteless broth. I followed up with a second starter as a main, with the shrimp cocktail. The shrimp tasted like they were just thawed frozen Costco Shrimp with a tiny cup of cocktail sauce. The only good news is I hardly had many points for dinner. Russ had an over dressed tasteless Caesar salad and a gummy seafood pasta. To top it off the chairs were not that comfortable.
Good thing we were going to this dinner for the company, which was great. I hope that our friends will try and have dinner with us again sometime in the future, but at our house where I know the meal will be good, the seating ample and the conversation lively.
Skip trying the Triangle Seafood Company. Go to Blu or any place else. It will be better.

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