Ice Cream Distraction

Carter left this morning for her junior year civil rights tour school trip. Russ flew off to Washington and then I realized I had a free night. I was planning on eating leftovers for dinner since I was going out to lunch, but then thought I should call my friend Deanne who is home alone since her husband is away for work so off to Thai Cafe we went.
Thai Cafe is a good place to get a yummy meal that stays in my diet and I always end up eating the spicy chicken salad. Deanna had the spicy beef salad and we both were happy and good at the same time. But while we were being healthy in our actual eating our conversation turned to what good things we ate this summer when we went away.
I confessed my favorite thing I did on vacation was eat ice cream for dinner. Not just ice cream for dessert, but ice cream as dinner. I also ate ice cream for dessert which made me feel much more guilty than skipping a real meal and just eating ice cream.  
Deanna thought it was a brilliant idea. She told me that is one of her plans when she next goes to Boston to visit her husband. She had mentioned this to her North Carolina hairdresser in an unrelated conversation, apparently a lot of people are talking about eating ice cream, and she told Deanna about her favorite ice cream spot in Cambridge called, “Two Skinny Knees.” WhenDeanna told me the name I know I made a quizzical face since it is such a strange name for an ice cream parlor, but then again it is Cambridge.
Deanna said, “You are right to wonder. I googled ‘two skinny knees’ and nothing came up, so I searched for best ice cream in Boston and discovered it is called ‘Toscanini’s'”. Then Deanna asked her nephew who was at Harvard and he said, “JP Licks was best.” Now Deanna has to do ice cream for dinner as a two course progressive meal.
Suddenly I am thinking a trip to Boston is in my future. Certainly Carter is going to want to look at a college or two up there, but I really can’t turn college visiting year into ice cream eating tour. So I am going to have come up with some justification scheme to eat some ice cream. How many steps will I have to walk in a month to over come this caloric spike? If I need to walk 20,000 steps a day just to maintain do I have to add 5,000 more to enjoy a double scoop of premium frozen goodness once a month? Do I skip both lunch and dinner in regular food in order to substitute ice cream? So many variables. I could spend a life time juggling this dilemma and never quite get it right.
But for today it was just a dream. The good news was all this discussion of eating ice cream made both Deanna and I feel so guilty that we did not even think of sharing a slice of what is the best dessert on earth, not just in Durham, the Thai Cafe coconut cake. Perhaps this should be my new strategy to talk about a naughty food that is unavailable in the place I am to take my mind of the naughty food I have right in front of me.

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