Always My Little Sister


I was eight and a half when my baby sister Janet was born on this day in 1969. It was a turbulent time in the world, Vietnam was in full swing, Richard Nixon was president and women’s skirts were getting much shorter.  
I was just starting third grade at my third school in four years so change was something I was used to. At this point I had been riding my bike all by myself to a downtown, either New Canaan or Ridgefield depending on where we lived for at least three years. I already knew how to cook breakfast, dress myself, make school lunch and go to the school bus by myself so the introduction of this new baby girl did not change my routine much.
What did change was the amount of joy this kid brought into my life. She was a beautiful baby and when she was tiny was fun to dress up, this quickly ended when she discovered she had a voice in what she wore. The idea of putting on a dress quickly ended along with any patience for getting her hair washed or even brushed. It was really too bad she favored the rat’s nest look because she had the most gorgeous thick hair that my mother eventually had to cut completely off in order to keep it at all neat.
Janet was always good at making us laugh, even being a good sport if we were actually laughing at her and not with her. She developed a high sensitivity for fairness at a young age and was quick to stand up to bullies on behalf of others, many times to her own peril. This innate recognition for right and wrong was personified when she chaired the judiciary committee at boarding school. Not everyone can handle doing the right thing when they are a teenager, but Janet worried little about pleasing everyone as long as everything was fair.
She still is that way today. She works harder than anyone I know and never asks more from others than she is already giving. Of course no one else can do more than she does, but she rarely complains. It makes my heart happy that my own daughter admires her so much and thinks she is a great role model, because she is.
Janet might have been born is a crazy time, but she has always been a voice of reason. I am so lucky to have her as my baby sister, even if she is way more mature than I am. Happy birthday Sista J. I love you more than you will know.

One Comment on “Always My Little Sister”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Happy Birthday, Janet! I hope you have a great upcoming year!

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