I’ll Give It Away



The great floor re-do cleanout of all the closets has continued. So far the towel/toiletry closet is done, the linen/sewing/pocketbook one is done, with the exception of deciding which old purses to purge and today was the winter clothes and gift closet. Before today I already took 17 big bags to donate, but I have accumulated a small group of things that have more value that I have not donated yet.


The gift closet yielded even more brand new things that I don’t need or want, or let’s be honest I don’t really think my friends want. It is years of buying stuff on trips, or accumulating things I think I might want to gift, but then forgot about them. I found two brand new Eiffel Tower watches from France—I think they were from a trip ten years ago. There is stuff from China when Russ used to go there quarterly and more soap that I could use in a lifetime of rolling in mud.


I know that if someone were having a yard sale this stuff would sell fast since it is all unused. Notice I did not say new, since I know that some of it is twenty years old, but still in its original packaging. I have too much to do to have a yard sale, even though God knows I have a house worth of garage sale stuff. I just don’t have the time to clean out all the parts of my house to get all the saleable items assembled at one time.


So here is my offer. If you are having a yard sale, or are an e-bay seller, or have some other way to dispose of this good stuff, like a Dickens village Christmas house or a Sony voice recorder with tapes, please contact me. But here is the deal, you have to take both these boxes. No picking and choosing.


If you have a teenager with nothing to do this summer who would like to make some money this might be a good project for them. I just want to get rid of it and not add to the waste in the landfill. I know I could take it all to Goodwill, but frankly some of it is too breakable to just dump it in those bins.


I’m not asking anything in return, just come get it fast! Actually one rule, you are never allowed to give me any of this back as a gift, and never give me any soap!

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