Where is My Stuff?



As the Great Clean Out of closets continues at my house I am finding things I had long forgotten about, or can’t seem to remember ever buying or receiving. Today while cleaning out the hanging quits, vacuum, ironing, unusual sized light bulbs and odd cleaning supply closet I ran across not one, but two zip lock bags of Museum Gel, Wax and Putty. For the life of me I don’t remember buying one set, let alone two. I wonder if I had considered opening some kind of glass museum once upon a time?


I am trying to follow the rule that if I haven’t used it I don’t need it, but in the case of things I never knew I had, like the Scratch Fixer Kit for Wood, I think someday I might use it. Like I can think of one or two scratches I would like to fix, but not right now since I am in the middle of cleaning out.


Since the point of cleaning out these closets is to be able to completely empty them when the floors get refinished I am trying to find more logical places for most of the items that I am not throwing or giving away. So many of the things grouped together in these closets does not make sense, but just happened because the space was right; Like the bed linen, pocketbook and sewing closet. It all reminds me of a Far Side cartoon of a little shack with a man in the window next to a big pile of dirt – the sign above the little shack read “Fred’s Fill Dirt and Croissant Shop.”


As I moved the strange extra light bulbs, like the ones for the refrigerator and the above the bathroom mirror globes to the utility closet that holds all 67 other kinds of light bulbs I begin to worry about being able to find things that I have moved when I need them in four or five years. At my age my memory is not what it used to be. Actually, my long-term memory of what happened when I was five is just fine, but don’t ask me what I ate for lunch three days ago.


What I think I need is an app that tells me where everything I own is, and I mean precisely, which room, which closet, what shelf, which side of that shelf. Do you think there is such a thing? It would be incredibly helpful for other members of the house to be able to look up where something is kept, rather than asking me. “Why do you think I know where your sleeping bag is?” It would have been helpful when I was asked for a gold paint pen to know if I even have one.


If you know of such an app, please let me know. If no one lets me know I’m going to put a call out to all app writers to get right on making one. I can’t be the only person who needs help remembering where all my stuff is, but I need it fast before I forget where I moved everything.

One Comment on “Where is My Stuff?”

  1. Demetra says:

    I used Evernote and annotated photos to build a map of the LS science labs and storage areas. I’m in a cleaning mode too, can’t believe the mounds of paper I’ve shredded these last few days!

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