Pretend is a Wonderful Place



With some of the sad realities of life happening around us I sometimes would like to go to the land of Pretend where everyone is healthy, happy and kind. Sometimes there is not much I can do about the bad or the sad in the world. When I am feeling a little down and useless because of that I like to look at a little book of Quotes from Carter when she was three. The wisdom and imagination of that age takes me away from the things I have no control over.


Here are a few little vignettes from that book:


“In August we were never alone. Carter had an imaginary husband, a daughter and a baby in her tummy. ‘They don’t have names, and don’t ask me again!.’ They are new additions to Carter’s imaginary sisters, Lala and Teetee. There is a good Lala and a bad Lala and sometimes they are both with us.


“September 4, 2002 was Carter’s second day of school in the frog class. While working on the computer she told her teacher, ‘I know how to fix computers, my husband taught me.’”


“’So, what happened at school?’

‘Conner asked me to marry him.’

‘He did. What did you say?’

‘Mom, I couldn’t say anything. Conner asked me right in front of my husband.’”


“Mommy, when I grow up I will have to move far away from you. But don’t worry. I will always remember you in my heart.”


Oh, to be three again.

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