My Dog’s Eating Disorder

Maybe Shay Shay knows something about the flavor of tissues, paper towels and napkins that I don’t know, but given a chance she will nosh away on them, but turn her nose up at almost every dog food on the market. I’ve heard of people with eating disorders who chew on paper rather than eat in food an effort to keep the pounds off. I can’t seem to find a calorie count for tissues or paper towels, but it seems to me that anything you eat that does not go straight through you, like a penny, could put weight on you if you eat enough of it.

What in the world makes Shay love paper, and I don’t just mean greasy napkins that had pizza wiped on them, but even perfectly clean new tissues, ripped to shreds and swallowed down? Have I been missing a yummy delicacy all these years? Could a sheet of Bounty be as good as a brownie?

Maybe paper needs to come with nutritional charts just like all foods do now. If eating paper is ok recycling could be a thing of the past if it turns out that the latest office memo is also a yummy snack.

For the record I try and keep most pulpy snacks away from Shay, but she does not appear to have any bathroom troubles when she does consume a Kleenex or two. I just know that I have to coax her to eat dry dog food by lacing it with chicken or cheese. Maybe I should just give her an old napkin with her kibble.

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