Jeans- Easy, Work-Out Pants Impossible



Carter has been bugging me to buy new jeans since my old ones are too baggy. Despite how comfy they feel I recognize that a teenage girl knows best in the jeans department. Russ flew the red eye home this morning and since he wanted to nap after getting in I thought I could run to the mall and get jeans before the regular weekend shopping crew engulfed the place.


I shop so rarely I forgot that stores really don’t open until ten in the morning so I had a good thirty minutes of mall walking where I staked out my plan of attack. The sad part is that after strolling past every store in the mall, twice, I really only saw three that I needed to go in once they opened.


I decided that I would try and handle the jean shopping first given that it is widely reported that women hate shopping for bras, swim suits and jeans so badly that I assumed it would take me a while. Much to my surprise at the first store I went in I found three pairs I liked enough to try on and wanted them all. My hardest decision was figuring out which one not to buy.


Once that dreaded job was out of the way I thought I would go and pick up a new pair of workout pants. This task was a no brainer. It should have been easy and quick I thought. Boy, was I wrong. Although I now wear a regular size I now have thousands more choices when it comes to black workout pants. On the surface you might think that one pair of spandex is pretty much just like the other, but then you would be so wrong.


In a store dedicated to women’s workout gear there must have been 50 different styles to choose from. I had a fairly definite idea of what I wanted; nothing that resembled my actual legs with black paint painted on them, a pocket big enough to hold my I-phone and pants that went to my feet, it is winter after all.


I don’t think I was asking for much, but boy was I wrong. Workout pants have all turned into tights or Capri tights. There was a pair of pants that had pockets but they were only big enough to hold a car key that was the old-fashioned type, not the big ass fob kind we have now. With the urging of the sales clerk I tried on the tights-version and felt as if every nook and cranny of me was exposed. Even though the store called the fabric some type of compression wear it does not compress into a nice shape. I’m not sure these people understand the principle of pushing something in on one side just pushes it our on another.


Eventually I gave up my pocket requirement and settled on an inferior choice. Based on my shopping today I am going to modify what I hate shopping foe and remove jeans from the list and add workout wear instead. We all need to stay in shape, but shopping for the clothes should not be the workout or it should not disincent women from wanting to workout because the clothes make them look so bad.

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