Soldier On



In the life goes on mode I threw an engagement shower today for our wonderful friends Jan and Rex’s daughter Kim and her betrothed Blake.  Since they had moved to Texas almost four years ago we had a hard time finding a date when we could get all these longhorns back East so the North Carolina crowd could meet Blake before the wedding.  Not that Kim needed our blessing, but we were still excited and wanted to fete them.


After much work with calendars Jan and I discovered that today at 2:00 was absolutely the only time we would all be able to gather.  So I sent out invitations for a Tea Party Shower, what else could possibly happen on a Sunday afternoon?  I knew it was going to be tight to get the whole thing together since Russ and I were going to be out of town until yesterday afternoon, but making finger sandwiches and scones is something I thought I could do in my sleep.


Best laid plans… I never anticipated spending a lifetime in the ER yesterday and having a child with a concussion, terrible headaches and no short-term memory.  Today she is not really improved much and the doctor’s order of “no thinking until her headache goes away” is much harder to do than you can imagine.


Despite all that we had a shower today.  The happy couple is darling together.  It was great to actually meet the groom and see how well he and Kim are suited for each other.  I have known Kim for twenty years and it is hard to believe that she is going to be a “Sadie, Sadie, married lady,” as we sing in our best Funny Girl way.


The guests arrived just as I was baking the dried cherry heart shaped scones and putting out the chicken salad, pimento cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  All these things along with the sea salt brownies are forbidden to me, only the lone bowl of red grapes were in my food choice group.


Thank goodness people came hungry and ate and ate and even took a few things home.  With the stress of the last two days I easily could have slathered a scone with cream and jam or popped a chicken salad finger in my mouth, but I withheld.  I feel like that is a huge turning point.


Now if I can just help Carter recover quickly and not miss too much school I think I can maintain my don’t handle stress with food regime.  Life is long and sometimes we just have to soldier on.

4 Comments on “Soldier On”

  1. Lloydette Hoof says:

    You are amazing. Prayers and love for Carter, precious girl.

  2. Holley Broughton says:

    SO hope sweet Carter feels better soon…xoox

  3. Margaret Marshall says:

    Hang in there Langes! So sorry this has happened – You know I think it would be easier to do the “no think part” with a teenage boy – that’s what my friends say at least.

  4. Janet vande berg says:

    Dana. My son had issues just like your carter does. Quiet dark room for as long as it takes. Lots of sleep and keep her hydrated. Jan should have my phone number if you want to talk to someone whose been through this. I hope her recovery goes well.

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