I’d Rather Go With You


This afternoon as I was driving home from a fun time at Chapel Hill Needlepoint’s fifth birthday party I heard a great African quote on NPR.  “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together.”  I had to pull my car over so I could jot it down.  At this point in life I am often forget things I really want to remember.  But it turns out that this quote made such an impact on me that as I am sitting here to write this I was able to recall it without looking at my note on my phone.


Carter started high school this week.  Not actually school, but tryouts for volleyball started Monday.  Basketball is Carter’s sport of choice, but I strongly encouraged her to also do volleyball because it would greatly help her with basketball when it comes around this winter.  When I say greatly encouraged her, you know that means she did not have much of a choice.  Carter asked me what I would do if she did not make the team since these were actual tryouts.  I responded that if as the tallest kid trying out she can’t make it I would know she was not trying.


She made the team and the good news is that she remembered how much she liked volleyball, but even more so liked being on a team.  When we were together this afternoon she told me that one of the big things the coaches stressed was that these girls were a team and even if they did not particularly like each other outside volleyball, inside they had to be supportive and nice to each other.


When I was young I was more about going fast and alone.  I was easily frustrated by having to work with others, that is unless I was in charge and I always did everything possible to be in charge.  Can you tell I was the oldest sister of three girls?  I had jobs that were about my individual performance and I owned a business where I was the chief.  It was not until I got much older that I learned the joy of working on a good team.  I became less critical and more appreciative of other’s talents.  I fully embraced the idea that more minds were better than one but I am still working on appreciating all minds.


Today, I could care less about going fast.  I know now that the long haul is what life is really about.  So if I am going somewhere, and we all are, I much prefer to go with someone, especially if I get to choose who I go with.  But even if I can’t choose, like Carter’s new volleyball team, I still think that having a team of people you know you can depend on is going to be better than getting somewhere faster alone, especially since you don’t always end up where you thought you were going.

One Comment on “I’d Rather Go With You”

  1. Nancy McGuffin says:

    Nice post from my customer Dana-Nancy

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