Haiku Off at Camp

We have left camp with hugs and kisses and sad goodbyes. It is the counselor’s day off so most of them slept in and we did not get a last chance to say goodbye.

The talent show was a hoot. Carter honked her seal like sound through the whole alphabet. My story of losing my luggage on the way to Saskatoon, was followed by Corey’s story of putting his poopy underpants in his carry-on backpack when he was ten and having security take them out at screening.

After the four grown Stone children and their parents did a rendition of peel orange, banana and potato Carter screams back to me we need three more kids in our family. The camaraderie of family is why we go to camp.

Half way through the talent show we had the Haiku off. About seven us had written poems. We stood in a line and each read one and then started over again. When you had finished reading all of yours you sat down. I was the last one standing, although Peter who was up there last with me had some great ones. Here are all my haiku’s about Camp Medomakcamp medomak.

Medomak best camp
For family reunions
And strangers alike

Yoga campfires games
Playing winning laughing fun
Why I love this camp

Holly and George Stone
Make memories for us all
Thank you for this camp

Camp food yumminess
Two desserts a day oh my
Diet starts at home

Jen wakes early to
Milk the cow. Making yogurt
We need Jen at home

Paddle board virgin
Now I can walk on water
I’m no Jesus

Lobster Mac and cheese
Muscles whoopie pies and slaw
one meal Too much good

Learning how to milk
Perry the docile sweet cow
Five gallons of good

The staff is the bomb
They work hard for us to play
Does not seem like work

The sun moon and stars
Closer brighter nearer too
God must exist here

Thank you mother earth
For giving us this blue lake
Fish say thank you too

Rain coats hang dripping
After morning of rain scag
No holes in one here

Week of Friendships form
Just beginning to know you
Sad time for goodbyes

Liz lends Carter sweats
For the night at north star lodge
Thanks for warming legs

Jackie rings the bell
Gives us all the news today
Too many fun choices

Norwegians cut wood
Elizabeth and Purnell teach
New benches exist

Noah and Rick sing
Strum sweetly on their guitars
I wish I could sing

Gosha arts and crafts
Lindsey learns about our games
Fun new counselors

Peters back at camp
Maintenance is his new thing
Being Sean’s bitch

Alexa in back
Of the candy store counter
Doling out goodies

Corey kicks the ball
Straighter farther than the rest
No wonder he wins

Andrew Perry who?
Oh you mean that guy Pierre
Which name should we use

All the stone kids
Here at camp for the whole week
What good parents make

Nature or land sports
Yoga or arts and crafts, ooh
Too many good choices

Russ sits on the porch
Sucking down the wifi line
At least he’s at camp

Carter learns to row
Gliding across the water
Thanks to George and Liz

Andrew’s kitchen hums
Making all our yummy meal
Quietly he nods

It’s cold in my bed
I forgot to get blankets
It’s 100 at home

Fourth cabin on right
Home at camp for a week
Nice neighborhood eh?

A rainy camp day
No swimming or no sailing
Still better than work

Jackie gives coffee
handle of the mug sticky
Thanks to marshmallow

Hey Dave can we come
To camp during reunion
Yes. You family.

Barn roof is shinny
Gathering the rays of sun
George makes energy

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