The Opposite of Camp

For our last few days in Maine we decided to come further south and stay in Freeport since we are flying out of Portland. Last night Russ, Carter and I ventured into Portland since we had read it was so cool. It was. Portland Maine reminds me somewhat of Portland Oregon mixed with Durham,NC. There were many cool stores selling unusual stuff. Stores that are owner operated selling things made locally or in small batches are just hard to find now a days.

Before dinner I went into one called Motifs on Commercial Street that sold clothes, housewares, books and other stuff. I had never seen one of the things they sold anywhere, not even the books. I can’t imagine how they did that in the world of mass production, sold on the Internet, same thing in Paris, France as Paris, Texas. I did pick up a few Christmas gifts. One thing about Portland that really stood out was the number of pet supply stores, not like Petsmart, but more like pet boutiques. Dogs obviously rule here. Carter was even able to find a labradoodle sticker, the first we have ever seen.

We went to dinner at a place called the Salt Exchange because the idea of a big pile of salt calls Russ and Carter to it like pilgrims to Mecca. It was a small owner run operation that did not disappoint. As a member of a group who promotes unusual fish, they had Dog fish on the menu. Dog fish is a type of shark that has no natural predator and has invaded the waters up here. Fishermen are trying to make man it’s predator because the dog fish eats a lot of smaller fish and is decreasing their populations. I ordered it and am now an official Dog Fish Predator. If I find it again I will eat it. It is fairly mild, but sweet and not like any other fish I can think of. I think that the name is not helping it be a big seller because no one wants to eat their dog.

Russ flew home this morning to get to be with our sweet dog. Shay and Russ just face timed us which was very confusing for Shay. She knew that Carter and I were in that screen and could here us but thought we had gotten much smaller and flatter.

With Russ gone Carter and I did some serious shopping. Time at the Freeport outlets is the opposite of being at camp. I am happy to get Carter’s school clothes in Maine at the end of their summer season because shorts are on deep discount and she can wear them in North Carolina more than half the school year. After dinner we area going to walk down to L.L. Bean since they are open 24 hours a day and buy another suit case to get our haul home.

One Comment on “The Opposite of Camp”

  1. Sheppy says:

    Your blog was forwarded to me and I loved the commentary on Freeport/Portland. Just spent time there myself when I picked up the Nashville contingent-dinner at Azure was great and of course the trip to LLBean is obligatory. After a few weeks here in Liberty, Portland seems like NYC to me!

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