The Last Day at Medomak

Sad, sad, sad. I don’t even like to think about the last day of camp. It has rained all day and a rainy day at camp Medomak is better than a sunny day anywhere else. I played scag (soccer croquet and golf) in the rain first thing this morning. I can’t remember the last time I played in the rain but I know that I want to do it again soon. There is something freeing about not worrying about getting wet and just letting the water wash over you. My scag score was not as good as dry scag but my fun level was probably higher. I was just thankful that I did not fall down as I approached the ball to kick.

After land sports I went to games in the barn. The bananagram devotees were all there and many different people won so I was not runout of the barn on a rail. Then a big round of Scategories. I got an extra point for Tart Tangerine Jam in the food that begins with T round since it used two T’s. I need to make more time for scategories in my life.

Peter taught me how to fly fish today. Well, we did not actually fish, just cast. After a while I got the hang of keeping the fly horizontal and in the air as I let the line further and further out. Next time I need to try it where fish actually live. I think it was a lot safer for Peter for me not to have a hook, especially since I caught him in the ear with the line.

Tonight is the talent show and haiku off. The haiku’s all have to be about camp and it is purely a numbers game of who can write the most haiku’s. I can’t say here how many I have because I don’t want to tip off my competition, but I will say I’ve got more than a few. The last time I was here I won with 31 and my closet competitor had 13.

As for the talent show I don’t have any of the normal talent show abilities. I’m the most unmusical person, I can’t do any gymnastics, no one consider’s needlepoint a performance art so I am left with my only possible ability of story telling. I probably will tell the crowd favorite Saskatoon story, but you never know what will come to mind when I get up there. I just have to tell a fairly clean story since there are children here and I don’t want to become the subject of a story of their own about the time they learned what #%^£ means.

As I lie on my bed writing this with Carter across the cabin on her bed reading her book with all her clothes in a huge mound on the floor I realize I don’t even care, it’s camp. It’s all about fun, trying new things, making new friends, no work except clearing your plates at meals, no worries, even about eating dessert. I’m soaking in the last of the carefree world of camp.

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