The weight loss challenge

This fat lady plans to eat less so many hungry people can eat more.

Welcome to my new campaign!!  I need to lose weight, again! Seven years ago I created a weight loss challenge for myself which worked better than anything else I had ever done.  I lost 130 pounds and raised $47,000 for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina by asking friends and family to pledge money for every pound I lost.

Unfortunately I am really bad at maintaining weight loss. I am not motivated to do this just for me.   So here I am, having gained 75 pounds back.  And no, I did not gain it back just to have another campaign for the Food Bank.  I have tried to lose weight in every traditional way but have failed.   I need the push of loosing weight for the greater good, for people I will never even meet.  That and knowing that other people are supporting me.

There are over 500,000 hungry people in central and Eastern North Carolina who need food!!  You are the key to helping all 500,000 and 1 of us.

So, if you are still reading and are interested in helping me and hungry people please go to the Pledge page of this website and make a pledge.  No credit card, cash or checks are needed today!  You are just going to promise that at the end of this campaign you will donate a certain amount to the Food Bank of CENC for every pound I can lose before November 1.  The motivation for me is great.  Imagine that there is $500 riding on each pound I loose.  I wouldn’t dare eat a piece of coconut cake for that.

What do you get out of this besides the great feeling of helping so many?  I am going to post not just my weight loss progress, but also my recipes with photos of what I am eating, if it is any good.  If you are interested in eating a more heathy diet or just want some inspiration about what to cook for dinner tonight you can visit this blog to see what I am cooking.

Thanks for going on this journey with me.  Feel free to share it with your friends.


One Comment on “The weight loss challenge”

  1. Mary esther says:

    You’re amazing!!! So creative. Like you I struggle with my weight too. I’m with you all the way — $1/pound. Good luck and thanks for all you do for the Food Bank.

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