I Miss My Fat Blanket


I really did not time this whole weight loss thing right.  Just as my challenge ends the weather has turned suddenly cold, like forget about fall and jump right into winter cold.  The problem is that as I have lost weight I have also lost the ability to produce a normal body temperature.


As I was freezing at Mah Jongg this morning a friend told me she thought that the body burned more calories when it was cold to try and keep warm, but so far I have not proven that theory.  I am just down right cold and not appearing to lose any faster.  My poor thin dog is cold too.  She sits snuggled up beside me with her head on the keyboard trying to steel the warmth my computer is creating.


Not even hot tea is helping; in fact it is hurting because it makes me have to use the restroom more often.  If I were a man it might not be so cold to have to use the facilities, but alas I have to pull down my pants, which is not helping me keep what little body heat I have.


Of course I am wearing many layers of clothing, which is hiding my somewhat thinner body.  I had one friend stop by the house to bring me a check to pay off her pledge.  I heard her at the front door asking my daughter if I was home so she could actually see what I looked like 53 pounds thinner.  I know it was a disappointment to her when I came downstairs in two shirts and a sweatshirt and big fluffy socks.

All I can say is I hope she didn’t feel cheated.


Maybe this can be my spring surprise.  If this lack of body heat keeps up I will have to keep adding layers of clothing as I continue to lose weight.   Perhaps by the time warm weather returns I can emerge from my cocoon a thinner butterfly.  What am I thinking?  Never in my loud life would I be considered a butterfly.  Right now I just want to be a firefly and have my butt be able to warm me up.


I am not advocating anyone being fat in order to be warm, but I am wondering how you really skinny people make it through the winter.  I still have a good layer on me and I am this cold I can’t imagine what it is going to be like in another 30 pounds.  Let’s hope I can find out before I turn blue.