Roast Nectarine Frozen Yogurt

I was frugal long before the recession made it hip.  It has to be genetic. My mother probably still has every dress she ever bought and my daughter Carter is thrilled to get used textbooks because they are so much cheaper.


Today’s recipe is an attempt to use up an unripe nectarine and some Greek yogurt before I go on vacation.  The roasting is to pull as much flavor as I can get out of the fruit, which is not quite ready for consumption.  If you have a beautifully ripe peach or nectarine you can make this without roasting, but I do like the flavor heating the fruit imparts.


1 nectarine – chopped up with the skin on.  If you use a peach, peel it first.

1 ½ c. Greek Yogurt

1/3 c. skim milk

5 Splenda packets

½ t. almond extract

Pinch of cloves

2 pinches cinnamon



Heat a small nonstick fry pan up and spray with Pam.  Put the fruit in the pan and cook on medium high, stirring often until the fruit begins to get to be a little brown.  It will take about 5 minutes.  Add cloves and cinnamon at the end and let the spices heat up on the fruit for one minute.  Remove from heat and place in the freezer.


Mix the yogurt, milk, Splenda and almond extract together and pour into an ice cream maker.  Run it in the ice cream maker as long as it takes to get it to start getting creamy.  Add the fruit and continue running the ice cream machine for another 2 minutes.


Remove from the machine and place in the freezer to finish the freezing process.

Blackberry Lemon Frozen Chiffon

Chiffon’s are something Betty Draper might have made if she cooked.  It is a little like a dairy-less ice cream. But when I served this dessert last night Carter thought it looked like something out of Dr. Seuss beacuse of its strong purple color.  I have cut out sugar from my diet, but still imbibe in man-made sweetness.  If you have a moral opposition to Splenda throw caution to the wind and use sugar.  The Splenda version has only about 25 calories per serving.

Makes 8 servings

Four cups Blackberries – you can use other berries, but I am unsure how blueberries will do

¼ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice

4 egg whites

Pinch of salt

6 T. water

1 Cup Splenda for cooking –measures the same way as sugar.

Put the Black Berries in the Cuisineart and pulse until obliterated.  Put a wire mesh sieve over a bowl and pour the blackberries into the sieve.  Using the back of a big spoon push as mush liquid through the sieve as you can.  It will take a little work.  Throw away the skin and seeds left in the sieve.

Add the lemon juice to the berry juice.

Put the egg whites and the salt in a stand mixer and beat them on high just until they are frothy.

In a small saucepan put the water and the Splenda.  Bring to a boil and while hot turn the stand mixer on high and pour the hot liquid in a thin stream into the egg whites.  Beat until they are stiff.

Remove the mixing bowl from the stand and fold in the blackberry-lemon liquid.

Spoon into ramekins.  Place them in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Note:  If you use sugar bring it to a boil with the water and boil it for 3 minutes without stirring