Dried Pineapple


I love pineapple.  I usually buy one or two a week at Costco and for $2.99 I am one happy camper.  Usually the pineapples there are big and ripe, but last weeks was not quite as good as most.  It was a little too green and after cutting the whole thing up I found it too bitter and hard to eat.  Rather than throw it our I decided to slow roast the chunks in the oven and that was like putting it back on the plant in the sun to come to full ripeness.  Now I have a great treat that also is more portable.


Since I have not tired this with a perfectly ripe pineapple I have no idea how it would turn out.  If you try it let me know.





Set oven to 225º.  No need to preheat because you are going to leave the pineapple in a very long time.


Cover a cookie sheet with foil and spray with Pam.  I am also not sure you need to do this step, but this is how I did it.  I did not want to take any chances for sticking.


Lay the fruit out in one layer and put in the oven.  How long you cook depends on how big your chunks were to start. Mine were about 1 inch square so I kept them in the oven for 2 ½ hours, then I turned the oven off and left it in another hour with the door closed.


The pineapple was not totally dried through, but was at least twice as sweet as they were before cooking them.


I think it will taste great on cereal and with Greek yoghurt.