Four-Wheeled Convert

I have been a traveler for as long as time. Every job I ever had required traveling. So luggage has been important to me. I believe in traveling light. Carry-on only is a must.

In spite of the amount I travel I also keep suitcases until the wheels fall off, literally. Until now.

Russ decided that I needed a four wheel carry on to replace my two wheel version. My trusted old suitcase was not worn out. It has been around the world and been stuffed to the gills doing it, but always at a tilt.

On my last flight with Russ he noticed I had to bear the weight of the bag as I rolled through the airport while he just steered his four wheel version. Thus the idea for a new suit case for me was born. He researched options and surprised me with this beautiful bag.

This week my new suitcase made its maiden voyage to the beach. Although I did not have to roll it down the aisle of a plane I did give it a go in the car. I admit that four wheels are so much easier than two. I am not sure why I never saw the need for four wheels before, but I am never going back. Thanks to Russ for recognizing my unnecessary struggle and making my like simpler and more beautiful.

One Comment on “Four-Wheeled Convert”

  1. beth says:

    perfect gift for you, and I just recently bought one myself )

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