No More Shopping for Russ

On days I teach Mah Jongg at night I don’t really get to eat dinner. I bring a snack on my drive over to Raliegh and eat it in the car before I go in to set up for class. Since it is usually around 5:40 that I am setting up I am not really hungry and am not the best teacher on a full stomach.

By the time I get home close to ten at night I am too tired to eat and I need a two hour window between eating and taking my nighttime medication so I am out of luck. I can have a drink though. My favorite nighttime treat is a Gosslings Diet Ginger beer, with half a lime’s worth of juice and two cherries and a splash of cherry juice. I don’t think that eating those two cherries counts as eating too much to affect my medication.

On his way home from work tonight Russ asked me if I needed anything at the store. I said I needed a jar of maraschino cherries. What he brought home was the most exquisite and expensive cherries I have ever seen. I think they are meant for high end Manhattans and not my little mocktail.

The cherry is clearly the highlight of this drink. I might give up eating dinner every night in order to justify drinking one of these drinks with these cherries. I am not sure I am ever going to be able to go back to the neon red $1.29 cherries again. Of course I am going to have to keep on teaching Mah Jongg to afford these outrageous ones. How expensive are they? $8.99 a jar. I almost fell over when the receipt fell out of the bag.

Next time Russ asks me if I need anything at the store I am going to say no. He can’t be left to his own devices in the grocery.

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