Tea Time

Tea Time

So much fun to be invited to Jan’s house for a tea party today. Jan inherited a lot of beautiful tea cups and has enjoyed having tea parties with her grand children. I was thrilled she decided to have one for her new neighborhood friends along with some of us old friends.

Jan had the many tiny cups and saucers set out on a side board. Each guest picked their favorite and were free to sample as many teas as they liked.

The kitchen Island was laden with at least 17 different teas and small tea pots. Jan had made description cards for each tea so I was able to study the teas before tasting. Thankfully her instant hot water dispenser made brewing the teas simple.

It was obvious from the laden dining room table that Jan had been cooking for days. I had to hold back from sampling the goodies, but they looked beautiful.

Catching up with Deanna and Judy was a highlight of the party. I also got to see many of my Mah Jongg students and only had to answer three of four questions about the game. True to form I had forgotten a few people’s names. When I asked Jan to remind of two ladies names’ she told me one name as they both were named the same thing. You think I could remember one name.

Thanks Jan for the highlight of the week. Tea with friends is always a treat.

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