Giving Day

Ten years ago some thoughtful person decided that after Black Friday and cyber Monday, days all about buying, it might good idea to give back. So Giving Tuesday was born. There are countless charities that deserve your support. If you went to Dickinson College today is a good day to remember how important your days spent there were to your personal development.

The new year brings me to my 40th reunion. I am happy to be helping with the planning and support of that exciting event. One of the goals of the class of ‘83 this year is to increase the participation of giving from our classmates. You can give today and have it count as a gift for our reunion gift. You can also make a pledge towards our reunion gift. If you want to really go big you can make a three year pledge and the whole amount counts towards our reunion gift, but you have three years to pay it off.

Today I made a three year pledge by emailing Lindsay McCauslin. She set up the pledge and added it to our reunion totals. It’s a great time to check off making that pledge and making your plans to come back to Carlisle in June. Email to make a pledge.

If you can’t make a pledge today you can make a one time gift today at https://giving It will still count towards our reunion gift as long at you put our graduation year in the box.

I am thankful for all the friends I made at Dickinson and hope that I will see you in person soon. Happy giving Tuesday!

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