Finally Learning

Christmas is my time of year. I love the decorating and the entertaining. I could do without the presents. I hate shopping. I think everyone has too much stuff. I am happy to give children things like books or experiences. I like to give people what they want and need, but most of my people don’t need anything.

When I travel I like to get Christmas presents, but then I end up having to many things for one person and none for another. Russ hardly ever gets a present.

Year after year I leave the wrapping to the last minute. I like to wrap. I love to make beautiful presents. My grandmother Mima was the best wrapper. She always had little decorations on the presents like a swag of pine or a small ornament. No one else in my family ever does anything like that. I have one unnamed relative whose wrapping is so bad I want to tell them not to bother, but it usually fits the gift. Enough said.

Today I had a free morning before I had to go to work. I decided to get a jump start on my wrapping. I hardly put a dent in what I need to wrap, but it felt good to get started. I am at least three weeks ahead of last year’s initial wrap. I consider this great progress.

One thing I decided to do was use my very best paper, boxes and ribbon I had. I even found cute tags I had been saving. What I am saving them for I have no idea. I am certain I will not not outlive all my ribbons.

One Comment on “Finally Learning”

  1. beth says:

    beautiful wrapping, and I am the same )

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