One Year On

I am not surprised that we are having a hurricane today because it is the anniversary of my father’s death one year ago. He was a force of nature. Some considered him a hurricane personified.

It has been some year without him. I am proud of how well my Mom has done. She made the decision to move into Croasdaile Village. She has gotten an apartment, but she is really easing her way in. When I called her this morning she says she has met many nice people, but even that has not totally made her love moving, so she goes back and forth between her house and the new apartment.

Mom is an excellent duplicate bridge player and needs to find a partner to go with her to the bridge center and play. Unfortunately the duplicate at Croasdaile is at night, not when she is up for bridge. I think if she can get some bridge going in Durham she will be happy as can be.

Carter texted me to see how I was doing today. I am at peace on this anniversary. My father was having so many annoying health problems his last few years. He was such a bad patient that I am relieved he went so fast and not in the hospital. I know that all hospitals and medical personal are also glad he was at home in his own bed because he was most like a category five hurricane when he was confined to a hospital.

I miss his sense of humor and wisdom, but I do not miss his temper, especially when it was focused at a doctor. It was just too hard for him to be smarter than everyone else in the room.

Be safe out there today. Stay out of the way of all hurricanes, be they wind and water or the personified kind.

2 Comments on “One Year On”

  1. jane carter says:

    oh how true he was a cat 5 it is quiet without him no highes and no lows like a storm he swept thru and is at peace

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