Too Many Snacks

Today was a big full day of Mountain Mah Jongg camp. I loved this schedule of teaching new players Mah Jongg in basically a day and a half. It proved to successful as almost every student was able to pick their own hands and play to the completion of the game today.

The Roaring Gap club was a most fabulous venue for the lessons. Since it is the end of the season the club was very quiet. We had the run of the bar which was the perfect place for the lessons. When we arrived in the morning there were cookies and snacks Along with a huge variety of drinks, and this was just after breakfast.

I got right to teaching every last rule before the four tables of students got to play their first game. We had randomly grouped players together. At each table there was one person who won more than others. So after lunch we put all the winners at one table to see how they could do against each other. It was quiet impressive that two women each won four games.

After the morning session we took a break for what was advertised as a light lunch. Anything but. We had tacos that were served in three taco bundles as well as a beautiful salad bar.

It was right back to playing after lunch, but the snacks kept coming. The last over the top offering, was a cheese platter for each person. Each platter was enough for one table, but then each table got four. I am happy I was busy going from table to table advising players on their best options. I certainly did not need a cheese platter.

The camp ended after five and the wonderful women I had gotten to enjoy the last two days helped me pack up the games and take them to the car. There is already talk for a spring camp for the next class. I can’t wait, but we need to request fewer snacks.

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