Water’s Importance

Today in Durham it cruelly started to feel more like fall. Actually, it wasn’t so much fall as it was just not devil-heat summer. I didn’t get to wear a sweater, but at least I didn’t sweat through my undergarments out playing with Shay.

Now that the temperature is moderating, now can we just have a little rain. My lawn is crunchy which means that Shay brings plenty of it attached to her fur from rolling in the grass. This causes the need for lots more vacuuming. I will just have to put up with that since I will not be watering my brown grass.

Water is our most important resource and watering grass is the least critical use of it. It really makes me crazy when I drive by people’s house and their sprinkle system is running while it is raining. There needs to be a mandatory rain meter on all sprinkler systems.

I spoke to someone who runs their sprinkler everyday. When I pointed out that our city reservoirs are at historical low points their response was, “I can afford the water.” Talk about missing the point.

Please consider turning your sprinkler systems off at this point of the growing season. Grass may get browner, but as soon as it rains enough it will green back up.

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