Least Laboring Labor Day

I know that Labor Day is a holiday to honor working people, but since I have not been a laborer since I worked in the printing factory one summer in high school it is normally a day of fun for me. Traditionally if I am not at a Labor Day Picnic I am at home laboring over some much needed chore.

This year we are in Maine. No Party to go to and with the terribly cold rain all day no outdoor festivities. Since this is not my house I have no pent up chores to do; no attic to clean out, obnoxious garage to straighten up, no cobwebs to sweep from eaves. Instead, this has been the most non-laboring Labor Day ever.

I literally stayed in bed playing games on my iPad for a good part of the morning. Then I got up and dressed, made the bed and laid back down to read this wonderful book Suzanne gave me. Around 1:30 I thought it would be a good idea to actually leave our room so I went down stairs and had some leftovers for lunch. Not even cooking to labor over. I worked on my puzzle Karen gave me. I am stretching out finishing the puzzle. Now at 4:00 I’m back up on my bed, looking out over the water, which is free of birds and boats to watch. It’s back to reading, after this short productive ten minutes to write.

I should be fully rested by the time tomorrow rolls around. Pray for sunshine.

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