The Breakwater Two Ways

What an active day we had today. It started with our morning constitutional walk on the breakwater to the Rockland light house. It was a beautiful day for that walk and it turns out that the light house was open on one of it’s rare occasions. After a good three mile walk in the salt air and we were ready for brunch.

Home Kitchen Cafe has a menu that begs you to try everything, but that would take six months. Everyone else in Rockland also wanted to eat there today. Thanks to my having a friendly conversation with the hostess about her hurt back we got bumped up the list and did not have to wait the 40 minutes that was first quoted.

Brunch and the breakwater wore us out so we repaired home to rest and naps were had by some. There wasn’t a lot of time to hang out as we had a sailing trip on Bufflehead with Captain Dan. Sailing out of Rockland Harbor we went out to the Owls Head Lighthouse. Dan was thoroughly entertaining and Carter and Estelle enjoyed the view from the bow.

As we came back in the harbor we sailed right up to the lighthouse and down the harbor side of the breakwater. It was an excellent and much more relaxing way to enjoy the sites.

We finished off the day by picking up a vegetarian Indian dinner from Namaste. It was a totally different cuisine from our normal chowder.

Shay was thrilled for us to finally be home to snuggle with her. She wishes she had gone sailing too.

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