The Day Every Parent Waits For

Today was Carter’s first day of work at her first full time job outside of college. Russ and I are so proud of how she found her way to get a job at Catalant Technologies as a Network Development Analyst. Although I don’t exactly understand all that she will do there, from Carter I learned that Catalant is a company that helps companies looking for consultants for projects and helps consultants looking for work.

Carter will get to use all the skills from her work at Bain Capital, and at Explore, even her camp counselor training in this new position. She purposely looked for a younger company in Boston and she already reported in how they differ from other jobs she has had.

As a mother, this is the day you wait for, after 14 years of driving carpool, as I include preschool and subtract the years she drove herself, to the thousands of school lunches made, and spelling words quizzed, and colleges visited. The goal has always been to get her to adulthood, prepared to take care of herself and thrive in something she loves.

So congratulations to Carter on your first day of real world work. I hope it is exciting, and challenging and that you learn new things all the time. From experience I will say, you might not love everyone you work with, but you may also make some of your best friends. Maybe you will even be as lucky as I was and meet your lifelong partner at work. Just soak up all that you can and give them your best. This is a proud parent day for me.

One Comment on “The Day Every Parent Waits For”

  1. beth says:

    congrats to your daughter, this is a big day. for all of you –

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