Non-Stop Hand Sewing

Covid winter days are the best time to make quilts. There is no guilt that you are not out doing something more social or important. It is cold anyway so what better time to be covered in a quilt. It’s North Carolina winter here and everything closes at the idea of snow.

So I made this very modern king sized quilt. Making it too no time at all. My long arm quilter, Tina quilted it fast. Today I woke up with the whole day of painters doing our doors and molding so I thought the sweat shop would be the best place to spend the day. Russ had some ideas of things we could do and I told him I would be with him as soon as I sewed on the binding of the quilt.

The binding is the finished edge. You sew one side of it with the machine and fold it over the edge and hand stitch the other side. My estimate to Russ was off by 100%. It took me six hours to do the finishing not the three I predicted. I was not at my fasted sewing at one point while I was watching the first episode of The Guilded Age on HBO. It was worth it, the show that is.

The binding was extra tricky because I put white on the white side of the quilt and navy on the Navy side, meeting in the middle of the medium blue and grey. By the time I rounded the fourth corner hand stitching and only had about 15% left my hand started to cramp up a bit from holding the needle, but I made it without any long lasting injuries.

Tina, still has my tiny stars quilt to do and I will be getting that back in a week or two. I hope my hand recovers before I have to hand sew that binding. I need that hand for needlepoint.

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