Did Amy Win on Jeopardy Tonight?

Tonight might be Carter’s last night home. I say might because we have no idea if her flight back to Boston might be one that is canceled tomorrow. It has been a fun two weeks having her home. Fun is relative since the three of us were holed up together with Covid. But Carter and I played a lot of games, at her request and that was a winner for me. At least we weren’t isolated. Thankfully for Carter, fewer people, rather than more, is the way to go healthy or sick.

We got to celebrate her graduation, her getting a job and Christmas all during this time. She is so excited to go back to Boston and start her next chapter. While we were soaking up these last moments home I realized I missed Jeopardy tonight. I don’t know why I don’t DVR it, but I don’t.

I am a sucker for a winning streak on Jeopardy and get totally sucked in when there is a superior player, like Amy. When I realized I had missed it I went to the Internet to find out if she won tonight. Nowhere could I find the answer. There was plenty of press about her winning twenty games in a row, but that was yesterday’s news. So now I am going to you. If you watched Jeopardy tonight can you tell me if Amy won and if she won big again?

Given the choice between spending the last night home with Carter or watching Jeopardy, I would choose Carter every time, but I still want to know the outcome.

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