Covid is causing us all to modify our plans on the fly. For months I have been planning to host a post wedding breakfast for our friend’s daughter’s wedding. The bride and groom canceled their planned New Year’s Eve wedding last year and pushed it back exactly a year. Now here we are again with Covid surging just as the second date is coming around. The wedding is going to take place this year, but the breakfast the next day will not be at my house.

The original plan was to have my house still be decorated for Christmas for the party. When it became obvious that we should not have people inside without their masks I went ahead and started the defrocking of our house. In the last two days I was able to take all the decorations down and box them up. Then I replaced all the regular decorations that get put away for Christmas. The only thing left is the naked, lit tree.

Carter was supposed to fly back to Boston this afternoon. Her flight has been pushed back four hours so far. It is still questionable if she will go tonight. Perhaps she will still be around in the morning to help take the tree down. Nothing will make her madder than not being able to escape putting the tree away.

The flexibility we all have to have these days is testing everyone. After almost two years in the pandemic it would be nice to be able to make plans and know with some certainty that they are going to happen. Not now. So I have totally adjusted my expectations and find myself going more with the flow than I ever have before. I have to say the pandemic has made me much more flexible, but perhaps not exactly easy going.

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