Art on Vacation

When we go on vacation we try and work in as much art as possible. Sadly only I made it to the MFA when we were in Boston last week, but today we all went to the Farnsworth in Rockland along with Warren.

Maine is a state full of art and artists. It is no surprise since the natural landscape is inspiring. The art is everywhere. I especially loved this mural on the side of a building in Rockland, but the lighting and my photography don’t do it justice.

The Farnsworth is one of my favorite museums. Today we got to see a new exhibit of Wyeth works, NC’s, Andrew’s and Jamie’s that were all donators by Andrew’s wife Betsy who passed away last year at the age of 98.

It was a generous collection of 27 new paintings that had been held in the family and now we all can enjoy them at the Farnsworth. Such a talented family the Wyeth’s are and I really appreciate the chance to see not just finished paintings, but studies in pencil and charcoal for paintings and see the artists progress and planning.

Sadly Warren left us after the art, bidding us safe travels. We will be back again as soon as we can, as we all love Maine.

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch which was difficult because many places were closed due to the shortage of workers. I am hoping that the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine will prompt more people to get it and go back to work.

I took this photo rom the door

It was too long a drive back to Boston to bring Carter home. Russ and I checked into our tiny Hotel room. I had made the reservation when I thought it might just be me spending the night. Russ is a good sport about my frugal travel. Why spend a bunch of money to spend thirteen hours in a place. Thank goodness it has good air conditioning since it is hot as can be in Boston. As far as I am concerned it is a work of art to outfit a tiny room with a king sized bed.

One Comment on “Art on Vacation”

  1. beth says:

    sounds like a good trip and i love, love the tiny room

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