Maine Walks

One thing our whole family loves to do together when we come to Maine is walk. Everyday we pick a different trail, path or breakwater to ramble on. Before we arrived the weather looked iffy, but with each passing day it has been better and better and today was the most glorious day of all.

Day before yesterday we walked in Belfast. The town is hilly and you really feel that walk on your backside. Russ and Warren walked across the river while Carter and I walked between stores. I had to visit Fiddlehead Artisan, the store that first inspired me to learn to make quilts. We also made a fifth return visit to Bella Books and luckily they still had some Orange Julius Cookies for sale.

Yesterday we walked the child’s chapel walk in Rockport in the morning. It was a shady walk near the shore so we got to view the beautiful waterfront houses from the back. The gardens this time of year are extraordinary and I coveted the old stone walls that surrounded them and the rock gardens.

After lunch Carter, Warren and I did a Camden town walk. The lack of available employees is hurting business up here. We had to wait in line at Zoot for coffee just making it before they closed at three o’clock. The primary reason for our Camden Walk was to look at Warren’s store, Antiques @ 10 Mechanic where he has a successful antique booth. Carter looked at a lot of items that interested her, but decided her apartment is getting fairly filled up.

We walked up and back the main shopping street where I said I was tired of shopping and stopped going into stores, since I really hate shopping… until we came to Jo Ellen Designs. This store has always been a favorite so I gave in and went in. It was all I could do not to buy everything in the store. I purchased many Christmas gifts and then in a moment of weakness I bought the biggest thing in the store, a rug for my living room. The owner and designer could not have been nicer about how they could ship it to me. Since Russ was not with us he was surprised to learn that I needed a new rug for the living room.

For today’s walk we were joined by one of my dearest high school friends, July, as we call her, who drove up from Durham, Maine for the day. We all walked the Rockland breakwater as it was the perfect sunny day, pick day of the vacation. Getting to spend time with July was soothing to my soul. We just wish that our friend Shannon was here with us.

While Warren, July and I went to lunch Russ and Carter went to the Maine Sports

Store and Russ bought Warren a map of all the hikes in the area. It is too bad we are leaving in the morning because we have at least a dozen new walks to take. Just more incentive to come and spend time with our precious friend Warren at his sweet home on the coast.

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