Shay’s Beep, Beep, Beep Sound Effect

Shay is ten years old. You can’t tell by looking at her, if you ignore her home haircut. She has primarily remained exactly the same size for the last nine and a half years. When Russ comes home, she still stands up on her hinds legs and jumps up like a kangaroo. So she appears to have no problem with agility.

The only place Shay shows her age is when she wants to jump up on our bed. As a younger dog she jumped up with no issue, but through the years she has had a fail or two. Those experiences have made her skittish about trying to jump up. If we had carpeting she could do it, but hard wood helps with Russ’ allergies, so Russ wins.

Just because Shay does not want to jump on the bed does not mean she does not demand to be on the bed. So she has developed a routine to get us to pick her up. First she comes in the bed room and faces the bed, then she backs up to sit on the bath mat in the bathroom and sits properly, looking at the person on the bed. If she had sound effects you would hear a beep, beep, beep, like a truck backing up.

Shay will stand there and wait patiently until someone gets up and picks her up. Her plan has worked perfectly. She can stare us down and no one can get in the bathroom without noticing her sad helpless look.

We tried dog stairs, but they did not have railings and she felt very unsafe. So she would just beep, beep, beep backup into the bathroom. It is amazing how well she has trained us and how consistent she is in her actions. She has disproven the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” as she has totally trained me and Russ.

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