Farewell To John Woody

Last month my dear friend Judy Woody’s husband John passed away. I was teaching Mah Jongg at the beach on the day of his funeral and sadly missed it. Judy spent some days after his passing with her children and grand children in Raleigh.

I missed my window to bring her my “Somebody died? fried chicken” as I was not home. Rather than bring it to her house we invited her to come for dinner tonight with our friends Jan and Rex. It was a much nicer way to get to celebrate John’s life with stories while we ate.

Judy was one of my earliest friends in Durham as I was invited to play Mah Jongg with her group when I first moved here. She is my only constant Mah Jongg friend as others have moved away and some have come back. It is hard for me to believe that John has passed on. I feel like I am too young to be making friend chicken for my friends husband’s passing.

We just never know how long we have with the ones we love. This reminds me to make the most of the opportunities with the people I really like and just skip the ones I feel mediocre about. Judy is a good one. Such a funny and kind friend. I am sad for her loss of John. We are just going to have to play more Mah Jongg and enjoy our friends.

One Comment on “Farewell To John Woody”

  1. beth says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, and you are so right –

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