There’s Hope in The World

I am writing as I watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I always have this let down feeling when the Olympics are over because I have just spent two weeks watching the great achievements of the best athletes doing things I could never dream of.

This year I was drawn into the stories and felt a sadness that their families could not be there in Tokyo with them after all those years of training. But what I saw were athletes supporting each other and it made it seem so pure. The celebrations at the end of races, where competitors were congratulating each other. It was inspiring and I wish America could come together the way the athletes do. The Olympics always give me hope that the world can be a supportive and kind place.

In a totally different example of hope for world today while I was in the mountains at our friend’s Jan and Rex’s house I witnessed a grist of hundreds of bees enjoying a beautiful hydrangea bush. The sound of the bees was definitive. They had no interest in me, but certainly were getting their pollen fill on the flowers.

Not only were the bees happy there, so were the butterflies. I tried to capture it on video, but I can’t do the swarm Justice. The reason that made me hopeful is that we desperately need bees to sustain life. I plants flowers to support bees and they in turn pollinate my vegetables. Seeing bees in the wild on the top of a mountain, far from any man made hives means they are surviving in the wild.

Bees and Olympians are both my hero’s. Thanks for all you give to the world. We need all the hope we can get. I am going to hold on to this feeling.

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