The Mountains Are Calling

We came up to their house in Todd, which is better than going to any resort. It was Russ’ first visit here and he fell in love with it immediately. There is nothing better than a man and his devoted dog getting to hike to the tree house while I got to play games with Jan and Rex. Everyone was happy with that.

There is hardly anything better than having wonderful friends who invite you to their mountain house. Then when their house is at the top of a cool mountain it is a bigger bonus. We are so lucky that our friends Jan and Rex are those friends.

The whole gang took a hike around the lake with Shay in the lead the whole time. The only issue was Shay did not like to walk across the wooden bridges with slats just a little to far apart from each other so her feet fall through. She quickly learned how to walk stiff legged on the center of the slats.

We had yummy meals, lots of laughs, and great out door time. Hooray for great friends and mountain time.

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