I’m Sick and Tired of the Unvaccinated

Today I learned of four people I know who are all unrelated who have not gotten the vaccine. One claims an unknown medical condition, but the others have no excuse other than they don’t believe in them.

Since the beginning of the year when it was apparent that the US was going to have enough vaccine for the whole country there were skeptics. The line was to be nice to them and let them come around in their own good time. At first, when it was hard to get a shot I was fine with the anti-vaxers holding back. Let them see how we all do with the shot.

Then the lines slowed down and the people who did not want to get vaccinated dug in their heels. Before the Delta variant had taken hold the numbers of Covid cases was going down thanks to the roughly half of the country who got vaccinated.

There were very few side affects of the vaccine and the big news was the only people getting Covid and dying from it were the unvaccinated. The real life data is overwhelming that the vaccine is safe and keeps you alive. That should be enough to convince the skeptics. It is not.

Now cases are going up, especially in areas of the country when the number of vaccinated are well below 50% of eligible people. Lottery’s to win millions of dollars were started to convince people. Governors, especially Republican Governors begged their citizens to get the vaccine . It is falling on deaf ears.

I am tired of having to be nice to people who are playing Russian Roulette with the health of the country. Not getting the vaccine give the virus the opportunity to mutate and grow stronger. Your hesitancy is nothing but selfish. Yes, there are a small group of adults who can’t get the vaccine and unless you are one of them you should, because they can’t. There are also all the children under 12 for whom the vaccine is not approved yet. You should get the vaccine for them.

I am not a health care worker, but if I were, I would be sick and tired of taking care of people who get Covid because they couldn’t be bothered to get the vaccine. Especially the ones who still deny Covid even when they are dying of it.

Mostly, you should get the vaccine for yourself and your loved ones who will miss you if you die or get very sick and have to be cared for. At this point you are nothing but selfish if you don’t get the vaccine and I am tired of being nice to you while you think about it.

Covid is not a political issue. It is a public health issue. Stop reading conspiracy theories. You are being duped. No one will feel sorry for you if you get sick because you didn’t get the vaccine. The data is fairly strong, the people dying of it are the unvaccinated and the numbers are going up thanks to the Delta variant and we still don’t know what this new Lambda variant is going to do. Whatever worry you have about the vaccine should be a lot less than the worry about Covid. Over 600,000 real Americans are DEAD. I bet most of them would take the vaccine if they had the chance, but they didn’t. You do have the chance. Do it.

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