Tomatoes At Last

For years I tired to grow tomatoes in my garden. I could get the plants to grow, produce a tomato or two then the plant would suddenly fail and die. I tired year after year. I had my soil tested, I tried different varieties. Nothing worked. In my heart I thought it was something in my soil, but never could figure it out. Last year I bought a potted tomato plant and kept it on our patio and it succeeded.

This year I tired again, but now with new raised beds full of a raised bed soil mix. It was all new. My tomato plants have grown huge. I have hundreds of tomatoes on each vine and they have finally started ripening. Today I even had my first BLT for lunch.

Growing tomatoes is really the whole reason for my new fenced in vegetable garden. My friend Kathi gave me two tomatoes from her fenced in garden from her mountain house last year. They were so delicious I knew I had to figure out how I could grow tomatoes.

I have tried six different varieties and can hardly wait to see which ones I like best. For now I am just thrilled to have produced some vine ripened tomatoes.

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