One More Week

I can make it one more week until I am finished doing this estate sale. Even though there is just a shit load of stuff still to do. I can at least see the end in sight.

Despite the fact I have been the one unpacking all the boxes and setting up displays Russ was the real hero today. My parents are the BC generation as the Apple Customer Support staff call them. That means they lived most of their lives before computers, well almost before color TV, and that means they are completely unable to set up anything computer related. Hell, I too have trouble doing it, and so I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world to have married Russ Lange.

If Russ had known he was going to be the IT department for my parents for the rest of their lives he could have negotiated a big ass Dowry. Today he came to the rescue setting up all my parents Internet, wifi, Tv’s, computers, IPads, and Phones at their new house. It took him a better part of the day, which was the best use of his time.

I did not mind shlepping boxes and washing Crystal and rolling rugs, just so long as Russ was fixing everything computer related for my parents. I had one of my mother’s dear friends Sandra to help me. She has been a godsend setting up and being just a lot of fun to have around. Today she even brought a picnic of food and drinks.

After a hard eight hours Russ and I decided to take a break from other people and went into Danville to Our favorite Mexican Restaurant, el Vallarta. It was before six, but the place was hopping. They seated us at a big table with what the waiter said was, “the best view.” Based on this photo you can see what a fabulous place Danville is when this is the best view.

The table with the best view

Tonight I hope I can sleep when I know in the next room is a big table of my mother’s doll collection on a table. I am not one for dolls. Thankfully they are not the scary kind, but mor like the primitive. Please god, let someone come to this sale who wants dolls, China, or is setting up a bar because I have at least seven hundred glasses for sale.

2 Comments on “One More Week”

  1. beth says:

    Almost there!

  2. Edith W Harvey says:

    Dana, You are a Godsend to your parents. And I am depending on your blogs to know what is happening. Love, Aunt edie

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