Russ to the Rescue

I have spent the last few years raising money, working on plans and supervising the building of our church’s new fellowship hall. Because of Covid I basically made all the design decisions, which is quite frankly was easier than doing it by committee, which is what Presbyterians do. The last item we needed is a new rolling lectern to go with our fancy AV system.

I looked online at thousands of lecterns. They are the most over-priced things I have ever seen. I ordered one, but it was horrible so we sent it back. So I did what I always do when I can’t find what I want, I decide to make it myself. I showed Russ a design I wanted to do and asked if he would help me. It is more like I would help him and of course he said yes.

I thought it would be a weekend project. I purchased all the materials and we were ready to go yesterday morning. We got started, then Russ had to leave in the middle of the day for an appointment that took almost three hours. We got back to work and then got the call about getting vaccines, so we left for another hour. By last night we had not gotten as far as I thought we would have.

This morning we got started early, skipping watching church so we could work for church. Thanks to Russ’ perfectionism we have gotten it almost done, except for some trim and the top. We finally gave in and said we would have to finish tomorrow. That just means he will be done constructing it and I will then take over with the sanding, filling in the screw holes, priming and painting it. That will take me the rest of the week. When it is all done it will have cost me $200 in materials and will be so much nicer than those $5,000 ones made out of chip board.

I never could have done this without Russ. I just couldn’t put some ugly lectern in the beautiful building I spent five years working on.

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