Shot Surprise

Russ and I were working away in the garage building a lectern for church when an unknown number from Durham was ringing my cell phone. Against my normal habit of not answering my phone I did. It was Darius Russell, owner of Russell’s pharmacy wondering if we still needed a vaccine.

“Yes, we do,” I answered enthusiastically.

I turned to Russ, “We can go get vaccinated right now.” He nodded calmly and I thanked Darius and said were would be right over.

“Can you get here in half an hour, I have some for you.”

Darius and his wife, own this pharmacy over by the Durham Branch of the Food Bank in East Durham. It has been a rough neighborhood, but is improving. Two years and a half years ago they opened in an old bank. They met when they attended the high school of Science and Math and have called Durham home for the last twenty years after going away to college.

Getting our shots there was a nice experience and Darius is a friendly guy. I heard about him from our friends the Prebles who also got vaccinated there as they had been on a waiting list for leftover vaccines.

Dr. Darius Russell

We got the Moderna vaccine and Darius will call us in three weeks to schedule our follow-up second shot. Anyone can be on the list for extra vaccines, so if you are in Durham and don’t mind venturing over to East Durham call Russell’s Pharmacy at 919-908-1060. They have lots of space to sit and wait your fifteen minutes after your shot and you will be supporting a local small business. And plenty of parking behind the store.

Now we have to cancel our appointments for shots next Friday, but we don’t have to drive all the way to Greensboro, twice.

Hard to believe that we have started our shots and by my birthday we will be fully vaccinated.

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