Creative Exercise

Today was a gorgeous day here in Durham. It was sunny and I think we got into the seventies. It was the kind of day that people take the day off from work to enjoy. Proof that people were not doing mundane things is when I went to Trader Joe’s mid morning I was able to walk right in the store and not have to wait in a long line. Then, when I finished filling my cart I had several TJ Team members vying for me to check out at their register.

Even though I had to spend some of this beautiful day grocery shopping I wanted to do something productive outside. That is when I remembered that there were ten giant boxes at church that needed to go into the dumpster.

Last month we took delivery of 20 six foot round tables. Each one came enveloped in a huge box. We unboxed the tables but the boxes were piled on the porch. A group of teenagers were enlisted to carry the boxes from the porch to the dumpster, a walk of about 300 yards.

Teenagers need really good instructions. Like “Move ALL the boxes.” Those were not the instructions given so they moved half the boxes. Perhaps the dumpster was full. Maybe they had Zoom school.

Since the boxes being there were driving me crazy I decided today was the perfect day to use moving those boxes as a good exercise opportunity. When I opened the dumpster gates I discovered a bunch of boxes that were sitting beside the dumpster instead of being inside. Sadly, they were too wet for me to lift the two feet over my head to get them inside. I hope that if we have another two days of hot and sunny weather those boxes will dry and I can get them in the dumpster. I will still need exercise in two days so I think I’ll go back and try and finish the job.

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