Chicken for Friends

I have a ritual of making my grand mother’s fried chicken for friends who have had a death in the family. The only time I make it is for a death and so when Russ walks in the house and smells it he says, “Somebody died?” And thus the chicken has been renamed “Somebody died? Fried Chicken.”

Bringing the chicken and rice and gravy that goes with it is my expression of love. Sadly it seems like I have more people to make chicken for these days than ever. The hardest thing for me is trying to show my true condolences to my friends who are too far away to get the chicken.

Making the chicken is an ordeal and it is yummy. It is not like KFC, not crispy, but a chicken that is fried and the steamed making it so tender. The real treat from it is the gravy. My friend Nancy who lost both her parents in a year got the meal twice and now asks me if there is any extra gravy available when I make the chicken for others. This from a woman who wouldn’t normally eat gravy.

I am racking my brain to come up with an appropriate way to love on my friends who have lost a parent who are far away. A scratch and sniff chicken card doesn’t mean anything to them if they never got the chicken to begin with.

For now, I hope that everyone stays well. That there is no need for me to make anymore chicken. For my friends far away who have lost a loved one, just know that when the day comes that I can be with you again I will be making you chicken. Chicken delayed is just as sweet when you get to enjoy it in memory of your loved one.

One Comment on “Chicken for Friends”

  1. beth says:

    that is a lovely and comforting tradition.

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