Super Bowl Alone, Please

We have gotten through the big spike in Covid due to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The numbers of infections were the worst and we are still at a spike in deaths leftover from those Christmas get togethers. But infection rates are going down thanks to people actually staying apart and wearing masks in public. Vaccines are happening everyday and we can make it through this pandemic, but we must remain vigilant for a few more months.

Sunday is the Super Bowl. Normally it is a big weekend to buy new TVs and invite your friends over to eat and scream at the game. Don’t do it that way this year. For most of us we don’t go to the game, we just watch it on TV. You can still do that, just do it alone.

Here are a few of the benefits for a solo Super Bowl:

1. You can stretch out on the couch all alone.

2. You can make your favorite foods and not be mad that someone else ate all the wings.

3. You can double dip to your hearts content.

4. You can actually hear the commercials, which are the best part of the show.

5. No one will complain when you sing along to the half time show.

6. You can work off some of those chips by dancing during halftime.

7. If the game gets boring you can change the channel

8. If you want to watch the game with friends you can set up a Zoom

9. You won’t get Covid watching alone

10. You won’t die from going to a Super Bowl Party.

Let’s keep the curve heading in the right direction and not blow things up over a football game. There is no way to eat nachos and drink bear with a mask on. It will be too cold to watch the game outside. And I am yet to go to a Super Bowl Party where there was not some screaming at the TV. All those things can’t be done safely with other people outside your household. Don’t die over a game.

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