Tiffany’s Plea for Attention

Poor Tiffany Trump, the only child of Donald to have no agency. The three oldest children all have each other, Barron has Melania and that leaves Tiffany all alone. Born before her mother could convince Trump to marry her, Tiffany has had it hard from the start.

Now, as her father is busy contemplating if it is right to preemptively pardon her older siblings for all the crimes he knows they have committed, but have not been charged with yet, Tiffany is desperate for the same sort of attention.

She tried being the more educated of the siblings, being the only one who got a graduate degree. But being a lawyer just puts her at odds with her father so she is yet to take the bar exam so she won’t be bound to turn him in for crimes she might witness just be being at the dinner table.

As her older, more loved half siblings get all attention Tiffany does one last thing to gain her father’s attention and announces her engagement on his last full day in office. Perhaps this makes him even madder at her because now he can’t not have the pleasure of hosting a White House wedding, a spectacle he would have loved. Like her birth, her timing is not ever of his liking. He did get to do the unthinkable and hold a White House funeral for his brother so at least he had that.

As Daddy is in serious debt and will likely be busy with impeachment and other law suits I can only imagine he will not want to throw her a lavish wedding. Her poor sap mother Marla, who only got a million dollars and no alimony in her divorce won’t be able to throw her the kind of wedding daddy threw Princess Ivanka, so once again Tiffany is going to be the afterthought of a child.

Apparently Tiffany and her betrothed are searching for a house in Miami. When will she learn that she is never going to be the apple of her father’s eye and try and not compete with her older half sibs. Perhaps she is holding out hope that they all end up in jail and she will be the last one standing.

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