MLK Jr. Love Not Hate

On this day of service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. if we can embrace one thing let it be that we try to love rather than hate. Due to Covid many of us were not able to do the kind of service we might normally do on this day, so instead let’s do something harder than packing food or gathering books, let’s vow to try love one another.

As a Christian, I confess that I find the hardest commandment to be “to love my neighbor as myself.” I don’t think I am alone in this. Not committing murder seems like a walk in the park in comparison.

Christians are not alone in this idea of loving the others. Most religions have a similar tenant. Martin Luther King Jr. preached often on the need for us to love the people who don’t necessarily offer that same curtesy.

I find that I have to really work hard to love people I have major disagreements with. One person who disagrees on politics with me has accused me of hating her. It is a very self centered view to make that jump that my dislike of one political actor means I hate someone who holds a similar view. Although I have told her I don’t hate her that message seems to fall on deaf ears. Apparently I need to try harder to convey that love, while I can still disagree on politics.

As we enter a new era in two days I am hoping that the temperature can be turned down and we can work harder on loving each other. We are all neighbors in this small world and hate does nothing to make the world a better place. Hate usually eats away at the hater more than it hurts the hated. So if only for yourself, try and learn to love. Your own life will be improved.

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